Home of The Whale.

“As a child I was told to always tell the truth.
I’ve been in trouble ever since.” The Whale

The Whale is a refugee from the industrial wasteland.
Early influences include a broken home, The Kennedy
Assassinations, Martin Luther King Jr., The Vietnam War,
The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Public School
System, The Castle Gardens Gang and Mutually Assured
Destruction, or MAD.

While still a teenager, Whale split that scene and began
a quest of self discovery hitch hiking over 100,000 miles
criss crossing 35 of the lower 48 states. Searching our
great nation for the freedom and liberty that are said to
be the promise of America. 

What he found may surprise you. 

Later in life, while being crushed beneath the boot heels
of the corporate global hegemony, songs began to poor
out of him like new wine pressed from the grapes of wrath.

The inspiration was so overwhelming that it lifted him
from the downward spiral into the darkness of the abyss
and placed him firmly on a new path with six strings 
and a message.

The Whale’s CD “Here In America.” Is available now.

“Give it a listen. I made it just for you.” The Whale 

Here In America
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Singer Songwriter The Whale never developed the filters engaged by most people in polite society. In fact, he has never even contemplated being politically correct. Now, with tongue in cheek, The Whale’s cutting edge lyrics paint a revealing portrait of our present political ship of state.

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The Official “Here In America”. Music Video

The Whale is accompanied, on this Album, by an International Coalition Of The Willing. Musical Mercenaries, willing to try and save our sinking ship, by lifting it on the wings of music. The songs on this CD, “Here In America”, are about a great nation run amuck by those who hold the reigns of power. We elected them. But they serve us not! They serve their own interest and the interest of others we do not know.

“Working For Gas” A Music Video Featuring The Whale

Like the Americans of myth and legend, I endeavor to stand for what I believe is right and true. Challenging the Status Quo with wit and a six string.This album is made Here In America, mostly by Americans. It is inspired by what I see as the American Dream. My Country Tis of Thee. Of Thee I sing.

God Bless America, The Whale https://www.facebook.com/thewhalefiatlux

Support Free Speech and buy a copy of my new CD “Here In America”.
I made it just for you.